Mariah's Stoy

Mariah was my son's ex-fiance. They where together 3 years and all 3 of those years they used drugs together. 2015 was the year it all came to an end. They hit rock bottom and both tried to get clean. In July my son had to make the toughest decision of his life, he had to end their relationship to not only try and save her life but his own life as well. He hated himself for doing it but he knew it was their only chance at sobriety. Allen has manged to find recovery but Mariah struggled and on 10-25-2015 she ended her life. The pain, the struggle was just to much and she was overwhelmed and couldn't see a way out. Mariah lost her battle... our hearts are broken and we all will never be the same.

The truth is this have left me broken, I'm the one that broken now. This has shaken me to the core of my soul. Mariah has taught me so much about myself. She taught me the truth about kindness and  forgiveness. She taught me to never judge anyone! 

In honor of Mariah's struggle I have decided to share her story with the blessing of her family. My plan is to spread awareness on addiction and mental illness. To reach out to addicts and give them hope!  Please follow our journey in our efforts to spread awareness in this new chapter of our life.



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