I'm Tired Dear Lord

I’m Tired Dear Lord
By: Rose Barbour
I can no longer carry the weight
Of such a heavy burden
I’m tired Dear Lord
And my heart is hurting.
That little child you gave to me
Who I love beyond words
Is now someone I don’t recognize
Flying higher than the birds.
He is a slave to a disease
That is devastatingly cruel
Lord, I’m trying to protect him
Isn’t that the rule?
In complete desperation
I stay up late each night
Praying for the answers
But I just can’t make it right.
Everything I’ve tried has failed
His addiction keeps on winning
I’m on a roller coaster ride
And my head is spinning.
I am exhausted, sad and
Have nothing left to give
I ask you Dear Lord
Please let my child live.
Save him from the grips
Of the demon’s hands
Please bring him back home to me
For I no longer can.
A mother’s love is a blessing
But sometimes it’s not enough
I need some help from you, Lord
This life can be so tough.
Please give me guidance
On what I’m supposed to do
Please help my heart to heal
From all it has been through.
I’ve met so many great parents
Who are living through this hell
Please open your arms to them
And heal their hearts as well.



Liz said…
Beautiful. AMEN.

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