Hi Everyone!!

It's been a while since I wrote in my blog! Hi everyone! I'm sorry for going away for a while, let's get caught up! I'll be updating regularly now.

Currently I am not working. Although I loved my last job, it was not meant for long term. I was good at my last job, especially in the beginning. I loved it!! I would wake up everyday happy about going to work and who I was going to work with... I mean how lucky was I? For the first time in a long time a little piece of pure GOOD found me?! I savored each moment, taking it in with gratitude. At the time while working there Al was still very sick in his addiction, however also during this timeline Allen found recovery but sadly we lost Mariah. My life was ciaos (I'm keeping it real) within those two years working there things got busier because the company grew. I found the more work I took on the more I couldn't handle the work load. I blame my stroke, I was never the same afterwards. The worse part, my boss was a friend and whether she meant it or not she was pushing me out. I knew her prior to working there, her daughter and my son Al went to high school around the same time so she knew my situation when she hired me. She knew my heartache and my struggles, she was a trooper at first and put up with my disheveled life. (I can giggle about this now) She dealt with alot and I am grateful for that! Working there with her was a blessing. I'm forever grateful to God for placing everything he gave me in my life around that time because it helped me get through some pretty tough times. I resigned. (heavy heart) I couldn't perform as needed. It was a huge disappointment for me, only because for the first time in years I found something that was just for me that gave me pride but sadly I had to let it go. But I'm ok with that now!

God has never shut one door without opening another for me. He has always shown me which way to go. So I know something will take its place, I just don't know what it is at this moment? haha! So as for now I babysit my great nephew three days a week. I'm very involved with a non-profit called Gina's Team. I'm on the board of directors and their new Secretary. Although I took a break from Wings Of Hope, I now have the time to do more recherche and try and figure out what it is God is calling me to do with it.  OH and I also was blessed to be able to take care of my mother in law all summer long in San Antonino, Texas while she was very ill recovering from a quadruple bypass. Had I been working she would've had no one close to her to help her, and trust me when I say it was a tough summer for her and her loved ones.

Al is over two years clean and sober!! (deep breath) He has had a few big disappointment lately. But he's grown so much spiritually that he's handles it well and was able to keep moving forward without interruption. He still struggles with day to day life things like how to manage his time and how to manage his money. (smiling) But he's trying to figure it out. I have to remind myself he's only been back in society for two years now, it's gonna take time. So my husband and I do our best to not hover over him and get all in his business. But we do pull him aside from time to time and have our talks with him about our concerns. Amazingly he listens and talks it out with us with grace. I just love him so much and I just can't get enough of him! His energy is so positive and his light is so bright and beautiful! He's finally opened up his heart to love again and I pray he finds someone who will help him grow. Mariah will always be apart of him as she is apart of me. We carry her in our heart!................... I miss her!

 My family is doing well and I have all I need. I no loner feel like I'm drowning in a abyss of deep water. (close my eyes and I take a deep breath) Instead I feel the water just above my ankles, it's cool to the touch and the water is crystal clear but there is current of water still out there so I just sit on the side with my feet dangling in. FOR NOW! I don't feel the need to tread the water these days! Thank you God, thank you so much!



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