It's Been 10 Weeks

I have been retreating for a while now and taking time to heal. Yes my heart has been broken for some time now, I just didn't know what to do about it. It's been sitting there in my chest just leaking sorrow until one day out of know where it just hemorrhaged... That was unexpected. I guess I just tucked away all that deep seeded sadness and anger, hurt and fear from all those years my son was an addict, from fighting with my husband about nothing and fighting with my depression. Now that I think about it I never really dealt with any of it I just adapted to every situation and moved on. Having that kind of devastation, heart ache, soul crushing, pure raw sluggish dripping yucky sadness slowly seeping through my body like lava type of emotions was... has been damaging over the years. I never looked at it! I just wanted to keep moving forward but my that's not how my body works. I had a nervous breakdown!

It's been 10 weeks of intense therapy and a lot of self care to get me to a good place. I'm not so angry anymore and I don't fall apart like I use to, and I can finally sleep normal. I'm much happier and stronger today! I recommend self care to everyone! Please don't be afraid to step up and say I need help with my mental health. There's nothing wrong with that. When you've gone through hell and back you tend to came back with scares. Take care of your metal health! You are going to get people who think your either faking it or seeking attention. The Doctors, therapist and psychiatrist  are ALOT smarter than they are I promise. Some friends or family might even say you are crazy, but you know your not. You have to stop caring about what everyone thinks! Just care about you and your inner circle.


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