This Is His Life Now

It's been a while since I posted last. Sorry, been working on self care and for me that was kind of hard to do. I was so use to making sure everyone else was OK that I never really thought to stop and take care of me. But that way of thinking is long gone.. I now take time to take care of me. You'll be seeing more of me on here.

OK so here's a little update. July 10th Allen had his 4th year anniversary FREE from heroin. On the 10th I woke up that morning feeling so grateful and kind of beside myself. I sat outside with my cup of coffee and my cigarette just taking it all in. I texted him saying "So today is your fourth year of sobriety. And it came up on my timeline on Facebook. Happy four years my darling son. I thank God every day for the gift of you. I love you beyond measure." My phone went silent for a few minutes and then he texted me back "Dam it’s been 4 years seems like yesterday I was detoxing in Calvary. Didn’t know if I was going to die or make it another day. Ironically life seemed so much simpler back then. The life I have now I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world and my growth has a direct line to your love mom. Thanks for not giving up on me and providing me with that chance to get here." As you can imagine I immediately teared up.

Allen now has this amazing little life he's building with someone he fell in love with, her name is Angie and they have been together a year already.  He and Angie and her little daughter Nova whom we all adore and have grown to love have their own little family now together and it's adorable to see. They just moved into this great condo and had their first family BBQ... it was surreal. Watching my son standing outside grilling at his own place talking with his dad (smiling and laughing) is a moment I never thought I would have seen four years ago. I couldn't help but think THIS IS HIS LIFE NOW! My heart feels swollen with pride. He's genuinely happy and content, I could see it in his face as he walked in and out of the house busy grilling and entertaining. This is his life now. (Smiling)

So for today life is good, he's in a good place and our life continues to be filled with nothing but peace. Sobriety is possible four years and counting.


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