Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So Good For My Soul

Well I did it, I got the library up in honer of Mariah on her birthday 3/7 at Crossroads for Woman. It was a beautiful moment. All the baking and all the trips to Tempe to sell our baked goodies paid off. I love people in recovery, they are the most kindhearted giving people I have ever met. I held all my bakes sale at a fellowship hall and I sold at the HA meetings. My niece helped me... in fact she was there for me though out the whole process. It was so comforting to have her there. It helped me emotionally,  she doesn't even know it. Having someone there in my family rolling up there sleeves and helping out in such a big way was so good for my soul. I finally feel like I got some closure. I got a chance to say goodbye. It was what I needed and now I feel like I can move forward. I still miss her presence here on earth and my heart still aches when I think of her.

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