Monday, November 24, 2014

Al Went To Detox

As I was driving on the freeway this morning I found myself gazing ahead at the break lights flashing on and off with the touch and go traffic I was in this morning. Getting lost in thought of all that’s has happened in the past four weeks. I’m still in shock; am I dreaming can someone pinch me please?? The radio was off and all I could hear was the tires spinning on the asphalt and the whispering sounds of cars and trucks passing me by. I felt at easy, kind of numb and for once my mind is not swimming with fears of Al sleeping in his car down a dark street somewhere or lying somewhere overdosing, even worse laying somewhere dead just another John Doe drug addict to identify. For the first time in years I knew where he was, he was somewhere safe!

Al went to detox… then checked himself into a treatment facility this past Saturday. And just like that my world changed! WHOA!!! Slow and easy Ana, just breath!

Heather has been in constant communication with Al. She gathered up her army of angels and offered to walk with him on his journey to recovery if he chooses to get help. He did, a few days later he reached out to her. Heather lived up to her promise and she walked with him every step of the way. It was a scary, heart wrenching walk but mostly filled with awe striking Godly moments in between. It amazes me how things can seem so bleak and hopeless then here comes someone who can tear down walls with their kindness and use their God given ability to impact people’s lives with their words in one a single moment. That’s kind of how it happened. The pivotal moment was when Heather gave them all their options, laid it out for them… she said “I gave them a winning lottery ticket” but they had to think about it. She then told them in a text message “Well when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired call me”… A few days later Al texted her saying “Heather I think I’m tired of being sick and tired”.

It’s rare to meet someone who can look past a person’s exterior and see them for who they really are. It’s hard to look past their pain, their addictions, and their anger and it's hard to see the human being under all that scar tissue. You could say what motivated her was our friendship but it was more than that. She saw him… she saw his heart. I remember her telling me when she first met Al... She said “he has a light in his eyes, he a good person”. Ahhh I love her!

Heather and Al ... First day out of detox!

Clean... cut!

A hug of relief from his brother!

Me hugging my son goodbye, off to treatment... relief!

Daddy walking Al in... to a new beginning!

His first coin! (Can you hear me breath?)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Back To Work

My first week back to work. I MADE IT! I'm tired and chest feels sore for some reason but all in all it was a good week. My co-workers are amazing.They all have been so caring. I forgot there was a world out there with good people in it.

ONE person in particular has shown so much kindness. Through out this scary journey of mine and out of all this sadness our friendship has blossomed. She is my angel on earth. Her name is Heather and she saved me from myself. She came to visit me everyday while I was in the hospital... she has stood by me even when I was no fun to be around. She even reached out to Al. They have built this trust between them and he responds to her text messages. She invited him to her church and he went with Mia... it was baptism day and he asked to be baptized. So she baptized him. It made me smile because he showed her a glimpse of who he really was. Not to many people can see him though the drugs though his lost eyes but she did! Now I know God is with me. He sent me help someone to make me laugh someone to help me grow in faith and someone who can keep an on eye on Al while I heal. Angels do exist they really do. They come in the form of a friend.